Beyond the Basics: Mastering the Technical Stuff

Intermediate to Advanced Level Photography Class


We recommend you take our flagship class
~ '7 Steps To better Photography' ~
before any of our advanced classes!

This 3-hour class is “hands on” and is limited to only 10 students!

In this Intermediate to Advanced level class, Marian really kicks it up a notch giving her students specific assignments that reinforce their technical abilities behind the camera. You will learn how to master your camera in the manual mode & be confident to “nail” the perfect exposure in every situation.

Marian will be covering:

Shooting RAW verses JPEG

What are the pros and cons of shooting RAW verses JPEG?  Is there any special equipment or software needed? Marian will help you set up your camera for the best outcome based on your ability and needs.

The use of ISO

The ISO setting controls your cameras light sensitivity. With today’s modern camera, you can almost shoot in the dark. Marian will show you examples where & when you can use the entire range of your ISO settings. Many people don’t understand that your ISO choice will help determine the overall quality of the finished image.

Controlling and understanding your shutter speed

Are your photographs blurry or out of focus? It could be your choice of shutter speed. Marian has a foolproof formula for choosing the right shutter speed for the right shot. Are you having problems photographing your daughter or granddaughters volleyball game? OR, wanting to learn how to photograph waterfalls with that cool dreamy effect? Then this class is designed for you. Marian works closely with you to not only understand how to control your shutter speed but why you use the setting you use.

My camera skills were ok-ish but I still didn’t really understand how everything worked together. During this class I had so many light-bulbs go off and I finally understood how to get the results I wanted.
— Amber, Honolulu


The FStop or Aperture you choose will determine how much depth of field you have in your photograph. Do you want everything to be in focus or just your subject? How do you achieve the artistic look you’re looking for? With Marian’s help & assignments you will understand how this misunderstood technical aspect of photography can turned into a powerful artistic tool you can use to create amazing images!

Understanding White Balance

Choosing the correct White Balance can change a boring, dull & lifeless photograph into a beautiful and vivid image. Why does your neighbor’s photographs have great color and yours always is lack luster? Chances are it it’s your choice of White Balance settings. Marian will share her secrets for choosing the best White Balance and make your photos really “pop” with incredible color!

Marian’s goal with this class is for her students to come away feeling confident with their camera and having the Technical Stuff become second nature.

I want you to feel empower and confident in how to use your camera. This class is meant to be a fun way to gain the skills you need and help open up a whole new world to you.
— Marian Diop