Marian grew up in Kailua, HI and was homeschooled until she attended college at University of Hawaii. There she achieved her undergraduate degree in American history and her MBA from Shidler College of Business. She went on to a rewarding career in business coaching and consulting.  However, it wasn’t until 2010 that her creative side was finally able to emerge through photography. Her love of fine art started when she was a child and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. It was there that she knew she wanted to create beautiful art of people.

She has been developing her skills both locally and nationally and is excited to create legacy portraits for others. It is her firm belief that the most important piece of art is of the ones you love the most, your family. She also knows that children who grow up surrounded by family pictures feel more confident and connected. Her mission is to make every house a home with family portraits.



Ali for short, is dedicated at finding and connecting with individuals and families that want to celebrate their loved ones through artwork.



Even though I was so excited to get my new camera, I never really knew how to use it. It was really frustrating and took away the creativity I was trying to find. Taking a class from BBP totally opened my eyes. It was fun, informative, easy to understand, and best of all, I am finally enjoying my camera!

- Lyndsey, Kapolei

I wanted to be able to use this camera for my business but to tell you the truth, it just sat in the box. A friend told me about this class and I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! Now I can take pictures for work and share on our social media page and they actually look good. Thanks BBP!

- Brad, Hawaii Kai

I’ve watched youtube videos, read my camera manual, and tried to fiddle with the buttons but I just couldn’t gte my pictures to match the look that was in my head. Thanks to this class, I can finally achieve great pictures of my grandkids and my dog. I am so happy.

- Tiffany, Honolulu


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