7 Steps to Better Photography

A 4 Hour “Crash Course”

This class is designed for photography beginners and photo enthusiasts looking to learn the basics of digital photography: both the art and the science of it. During this fast-paced 4-hour workshop, Marian Diop will share with you a comprehensive overview of her seven-step method for creating amazing pictures.

What You Will Learn:

Step One: Basic Function of Today’s Modern Digital Camera!

You’ll learn and finally understand your camera! Whether you have a point & shoot, pro-sumer model, or a top of the line professional DSLR, Marian will make sure you get the most of your camera!

Step Two: The Technical Stuff!

You’ll learn and understand what all those buttons and settings do! But more importantly, you’ll actually learn how to best use them! Marian will be covering:

  • F Stops

  • Shutter Speed

  • White Balance

  • ISO (Light Sensitivity)

  • Proper Exposure

Step Three: Image Composition!

Here’s is where you will learn about the “artsy” stuff and how to give your pictures more impact with:

  • Leading Lines

  • Converging Lines

  • The Rule of 3rds

  • Symmetrical and “A” Symmetrical

  • Creating a Center of Interest

Step Four: Lighting Techniques!

Learn how to light like a pro with:

  1. Finding and Creating “Direction of Light”

  2. Sun vs. Shade

  3. Indoor/Outdoor

  4. Natural Light vs. Light Modifiers and Flash

Step Five: Making Your Subjects Look Their Best!

This is the part that everyone loves. Marian Diop will share with you many of these secrets for making her subjects look their best! She’ll cover:

  • Proper Lens Perspective

  • Camera Angle

  • Posing

  • Expression

  • Spontaneity

  • Use of Props

Step Six: It’s the Little Things!

When it comes to bettering your photography, it’s all about refining the little things and looking for details. Marian will show you how to turn what would normally be a snapshot into a work of art!

Step Seven: Enjoying Your Photographs After You’ve Created Them!

You’ve created them…now what do you do with them??? Marian will demonstrate the latest ways to enjoy your images as fine art prints, albums, slideshows, and more!

Bottom-line: no matter what your skill level is or the type of camera you own, Photographer Marian Diop will give you some of the best information regarding photography you will ever receive. You’ll leave the classroom knowing how to operate your camera and the inspiration to put that knowledge into practice!

Join Marian for her 7 Steps to Better Photography 4 Hour Crash Course!